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Guidance for the Field and Visitors


All meets are at 2:00 p.m., weather permitting.  If in doubt, call the Huntsman: 540-955-2889.  


(1) Arrive at the meet 20 minutes before the meet time. Avoid engaging the Huntsman and Masters in conversation. Stop conversations when announcements are being made.


(2) On moving off to draw do not crowd hounds and officials. Keep together and keep quiet. Only one cottontail is wanted, and a spread-out field is likely to put up several. Spread out only when requested to do so.


(3) When hounds check during a hunt, stop at once and give them and the huntsman plenty of room to cast and, above all, keep quiet.


(4) Do not view-holloa a rabbit during a run.


(5) Do not run immediately behind hounds on a bad scent, and always give them at least 100 yards. Pressing causes hounds to overrun the line.


(6) If at the end of a hunt you view the beaten cottontail and hounds are at fault, do not holloa. Hold up your hat only. If hounds get their heads up at this state, the hunt is irretrievably ruined.


(7) If ever in doubt, remember: "Silence is Golden."


(8) When a rabbit or hounds come close by, stand still and hold conversation until later.  

I.  The Nantucket-Treweryn Beagles is a subscription pack supported by its hunting members and friends. A subscription for an individual is $150 annually, for a family $250, and for patrons $400. (Patrons may bring guest followers without paying a capping fee.) Subscribers receive regular fixture cards. The minimum cap to non-members is $20.00 per hunting day.

II.  Hunting days are Sundays at 2:00 p.m. and some bye-days from October through end of March. Early morning meets are held during October, for which no cards are issued. These fixtures can be ascertained from the Masters or Huntsman.

III.  The Hunt uniform may only be worn with the Master's permission, and the same applies to carrying a whip.

IV.   The Field must respect all crops, shut all gates, and avoid damaging hedges. Private gardens must not be entered. Riding is not allowed unless permission is obtained in advance.


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