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Thank you for a successful evening!

Winning bidders can contact the N-T B Masters for information on their item or to get the donor's contact info.

The Haviland and Co. Limoges Schleiger set of china did not meet its reserve bid. If you are interested, please contact Marianne.


The set contains 12 place settings and several serving dishes in superb condition. Rarely can one find a set like this.


The dinner service by Peak View Gardens was wonderful, and as usual, the Millwood Club was the perfect venue.

We again thank our donors and bidders who helped raise funds to support the pack for another season.

Friday February 24, 2023

Nantucket-Treweryn Beagles Dinner and Auction

6:00 pm at Millwood Country Club
Dinner at 7:30 pm
Catered by Peak View Gardens (Brian and Shauna Volmrich, formerly of Locke Store)
Please RSVP by February 18th. 
Call 540-955-2889 for an invitation, auction item details,
or to submit an absentee bid

Item # 3   Two hour visit at your party by the Easter Bunny.

(Corgi not included.)


Item # 5 Framed Fox portrait by Anthony Barham. 17 w X 20" h.

cooling off pillow-w.jpeg

Item # 9 Raymond Utz original hunt scene, "Cooling off" pillow 


    2023 Items for Absentee Bidding


Check back for additional items, although

we are intentionally limiting the amount of items.

 Live Auction Items

 1.  BOTTLE OF FINE PORT OR WINE  From the cellars of Mr. Peter Cook.

 2.  LUNCH SERVED AT THE JAPANESE GARDEN at Peter Cook's Dower House. Lunch for 4 to 6, catered by the Masters, served with wines or drinks suitable for an elegant lunch in the garden.

 3.  EASTER PARTY VISITOR Courtesy Zelicia Read. Zeze will come to your children or grandchildren’s Easter Celebration dressed in the superb N-TB Easter Bunny costume. This costume is ‘the real deal” and will make everyone smile. Plan your party's date and time with Zeze. Easter is April 9, 2023. She will spend up to two hours in costume.


Silent Auction Items

 4. 130 piece (12 place settings) vintage china, Haviland and Co. Limoges Schleiger. A reserve bid to be set. Inquiries welcome. Donated by Helene Hatcher.

 5. FOX PORTRAIT by Anthony Barham  - Original charcoal/pencil and ink, 12x 16” with frame (donated by Northfield Farm). Reserve $450.

 6. TWO BOOKS by Alexander Mackay Smith, signed. Masters of Foxhounds and The Songs of Foxhunting. Donated by Northfield Farm.

 7. FRAMED PRINT “THE HARE” by Galina Perova, Donated by Joan Fine.

 8 A. PRIVATE YOGA LESSON – donated by Soul Shine LLC in Berryville. $60 value.

 9. HUNT SCENE PILLOW – Original artwork by Raymond Utz, donated by artist Raymond Utz, horseman and farrier.

 10. GIFT BASKET  - Wine County Lavender and Vanilla spa products. Donated by The Houlistons.

 11. TRILLIUM WALK FOR FOUR. For a date in May. Donated by Marianne Casey.

 12 A to E.  LADIES SCARVES – Equestrian motifs and lovely colorsPashmink/cashmere fabric, approximately 70" x 25".  Just in time for the spring race season! Donated by Ms. Zelicia Read.

Colorways vary:

12 A: rose pink and grey/brown

12 B: black, grey, and red

12 C: orange and brown

12 D: pink and denim blue

12 E: cream and red

Absentee bids accepted by phone until auction day at 12:00 noon.


After dinner, each table centerpiece will be available for bidding or sale.

Bring home a fresh table top planter and support the Beagles at the same time!

Individual Hound Sponsorships

Choose a hound and choose a level of support for a chance to win a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates if your hound wins a ribbon in a 2023 event, such as the Spring or Fall Pack Field Trials in Aldie Virginia; the Triple Challenge, or the Bryn Mawr Hound Show. Levels of hound sponsorship are Bronze - $50; Silver - $100; Gold  - $250; Platinum - $450.

Sponsoring a hound is a great way to learn the individual hounds. You will find yourself watching for your hound (s) during a hunt day and before you know it, you will be able to recognize several of them and find yourself engaged in the sport.



Get a few friends together and join us for a great dinner, fine wine, and good company to support the NT Beagles!

Unfortunately we can no longer accept credit card payments.





Item # 4 130 piece set Haviland and Co. Limoges Schleiger. Serving bowls, hot chocolate pot, creamer and sugar or jam pot, and 12 place settings. 


Item # 7 Framed print of "The Hare" by Galina Perova. 28" w X 32" h.


Item # 12C Ladies Scarf,  orange and brown


Item # 12A Ladies Scarf, rose pink.

Item # 12D Ladies Scarf, pink and denim blue.


Item # 12B Ladies Scarf, charcoal grey, red.


Item # 12E Ladies Scarf, cream and red.

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