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Friday February 28, 2020

Nantucket-Treweryn Beagles Dinner and Auction

6:00 pm at Millwood Country Club
Dinner catered by Locke Store 7:30 pm
call 540-955-2889 for an invitation, information, or item details
or to submit an absentee bid


Nantucket Treweryn Beagles - 2020 Items for Absentee Bidding

Check back for additional items!

 Live Auction Items

 1.  BOTTLE OF FINE PORT OR WINE  From the cellars of Mr. Peter Cook.

 2.  NAMING RIGHTS FOR THE NANTUCKET-TREWERYN HOUNDS.  Name the next litter of puppies!  Names must begin with the letter F, and be “hound names” approved by the Masters. Visit the kennels with us when the pups are about 6 weeks old, meet and name them. We'll have drinks and a camera on hand!

 3.  PROSPECT HALL SHOOTING TRIP FOR FOUR  - A round of sporting clays courtesy Lionel and Ann Chisholm.


 4.  PREMIER PARKING SPORT AT THE INTERNATIONAL FALL GOLD CUP -  October 24, 2020. Enjoy one of the finest, finish line parking spots available at the Fall Virginia (International) Gold Cup, courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. John and Elizabeth Staelin. Admits four. Prepare a winning tailgate, don the best hat, and go racing in style! October 24, 2020 at Great Meadow, The Plains, VA.   Please note reserve of $500.00 


5.  LUNCH SERVED AT THE JAPANESE GARDEN at Peter Cook's Dower House.  Lunch for 4 to 6, catered by the Masters, served with Wines, or drinks suitable for an elegant lunch in the garden.


6.  CARRIAGE RIDE FOR TWO with Lisa Anderson and her prize-winning pair of Dutch Harness/Percherons. Drive through both historic Long Branch and Blandy. Champagne and light picnic to follow. A unique gift for a special birthday or anniversary.

It has been 15 years since the NTB Kennel Renovation. It is now time for maintenance!   

In 2020, our fundraising focus is to cover these projects’ costs. 

Donors names will look great on a supporter's plaque! The beagles need your support!

​7.  SPONSOR THE NEW BEAGLE BEDS –  The old beads are wearing out from 15 years of scratching, chewing, and scraping. Each of the 9 beagle beds cost $40 to rebuild. Sponsor 1 or sponsor all 9

8. SPONSOR RABBIT HUTCH MAINTENANCE - The NTB rabbit run and hutches require renovation. Support its rebuilding and be honored on the SUPPORTERS plaque in the kennels.

9. SPONSOR THE HOUND RUN MAINTENANCE -  The concrete throughout the kennel needs to be refreshed. The highest bidder can press the paw of the best hound in the concrete …no… The highest bidder will be immortalized on the SUPPORTERS plaque in the kennels. ESTIMATED COST OF REPAIRS:  $600

SOLD ALREADY - SPONSOR THE NTB KENNEL'S FEED ROOM MAINTENANCE -  The interior wire mesh lining needs to be replaced; additional shelving and doorway reinforcement.  The reserve bid was met in memory of Mr. Giel Millner.

Thank you, Northfield Farm!!  


INDIVIDUAL HOUND SPONSORSHIPS  - Refer to details below.

Silent Auction Items

  1. TWO RED MAPLE TREES from Moore & Dorsey. Flowering cherry or red bud are possible options (donated by Tupper Dorsey).

  2. MAIN STREET LANDSCAPING SERVICES - Main Street Landscape, Haymarket VA, offers a four-hour landscape consultation that includes discussion of different landscape design ideas and budgets. They’ve been designing gardens and outdoor structures since 1983 throughout Northern Virginia. $300 value. 

  3. BARREL OAK WINERY – Two bottles of wine and a certificate for tasting party for 6.

  4. CERAMIC HARE FIGURINE in beagling uniform, from Britain. A great piece for a tea or tailgate centerpiece. (donated by Mrs. Linda Armbrust).

  5. FOX PORTRAIT by Anthony Barham  - Original charcoal/pencil and ink, 12 x 16”, framed (donated by Northfield Farm). 

  6. NOTE CARDS -  NTB Diary cover. 4 cards, 5x7”.

  7. TWO TICKETS TO CLARKE COUNTY GARDEN TOUR, APRIL 25, 2020 – This year’s tour includes the Dower House, Clay Hill Farm, The Tuleries,  and one other. (donated by Winchester-Clarke Garden Club and Mrs. AnnMarie De Arment)

  8. RITA MAE BROWN"S LATEST BOOK, SIGNED (donated by William Getchell)

  9. TWO BOOKS on BEAGLES (donated by Russ) and the FOUR NTB HUNTSTMAN'S DIARIES

  10. LADIES COACH BAG - deep red

  11. a to 11g  - LADIES SCARVES – Equestrian motifs and lovely colors (donated by Ms. Zelicia Read).

12. Mt. AIRY FARM MARKET Gift Basket  (donated by Billy Eyles)

13. MAGNOLIA’S RESTAURANT GIFT CERTIFICATE – Purcelleville, VA (donated by Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Kathleen Malone).


15.  RUM, RABBIT, RUM CAKE - freshly baked by Lisa MacDaniel

16. SOCIAL GRACES DANCE LESSONS COMBO - 1 private, 1 group, 1 dance party. Must use by May 31, 2020.

17. PRINT OF BEAGLES AND working dogs (donated by Ms. Lizzy Beer)

18. MARYLAND HUNT CUP PARKING PASS – Saturday April 25th, 2020. Parking on the hill, and passes to the paddock (donated by Mr. Stewart Marr).

(Other items may be added in the next weeks).

INDIVIDUAL HOUND SPONSORSHIPS - Choose a hound and choose a level of support for a chance to win a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates if your hound wins a ribbon in a 2020 event. Call for details.  Levels of hound sponsorship: Bronze - $50; Silver - $100; Gold  - $200; Platinum - $400.


Get a few friends together and join us for a great dinner, fine wine, and good company

to support the NT Beagles!

                                   Check back soon or check the NTBeagles Facebook page!


                                            Absentee bids accepted until auction night. 

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