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2018 and 2019 Highlights

1 |    Hounds went out 177 times in the 2017-2018 season; hounds went out 169 times in the 2018-2019 season.


2 |   The 'A' litter entered the pack in 2018, and the litters for B, C and D entered the pack in 2019. 

3 |   NTB hounds Ziggy, Yoyo, Mischief, Lily, Fergus, and Newbury were among the hounds who either retired or found a private living room in which to hunt.


4 |   The 2018 summer party featured local artist Gail Guirreri-Maslyk who gave a fine lecture on sketching horses and outdoor subjects with a hands-on practice session before dinner.

5 |   The 2019 summer party was held at historic Long Branch on a beautiful evening and scrumptious dinner. We held a mock show to give juniors a chance to meet, greet and handle hounds and puppies.

6 |  We participated in the trials at Aldie (and got back in the ribbons after many years); maintained the N-T B cabin, and paraded the hounds at the Blue Ridge Hunt point to point races.

7 |   As usual, the annual fundraiser and dinner at the Millwood Club was a pleasant evening and generated funds to cover the season. Bidding wars occurred on a few items.

8 |   We published the third and fourth Huntsman’s diaries, our gift to subscribers and supporters. Mr. Mitch Zetlin painted a lovely oil,  "Tally ho!" for the 2017 cover, and Miss Lynden Willingham produced a fine sketch in charcoal and goauche, "Team Work" for the 2017-2018 diary cover.

9 |   N-T B continued the Adopt a Highway program on Westwood Road.  Sadly, it continues to be an endless task...

10 |  We "tested the waters" in resurrecting the Beagle Olympics but it was a challenge since 2018 was the rainiest season on record. We thank the Reads for its success and plans to try again another year!

11 |  We welcomed over 20 new subscribers over the two year period, and numerous cappers.

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