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2016 Highlights

1 |    Hounds went out 120 times last season.


2 |   The 'Y' litter by NT Quaker and NT Mischief started well, especially Yuengling who is as reliable as her "mom."


3 |   The drafted puppies are hunting regularly, Old Chatham Myers, Newbury and Nutmeg; and from Middletown Valley, Jingle. 


4 |   Weekly summer walk-outs were part of  the training and exercise program.

5 |   At the summer party, after hounds greeted guests, renowned veterinarian Dr. Scott Dove, MFH,  explained handling hounds (and dogs) in emergency situations and in the hunt field.

6 |  We participated in the trials at Aldie, maintained the N-T B cabin, and paraded the hounds at the Blue Ridge Hunt point to point races.

7 |   As usual, the annual fundraiser and dinner at the Millwood Club was a pleasant evening and generated funds to cover the season. 

8 |   We published the second Huntsman’s diary, a gift to subscribers and supporters. MS. Barbara Batterton painted a lovely oil,  "Hunting in Dorsey Orchard" that features Russ, Peter and the hounds walking in the corn field.

9 |   N-T B continued the Adopt a Highway program on Westwood Rd. and collected over 41 bags of trash.

10 |  Articles about the NTB and beagling were published in three local newspapers. 

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