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 2020-2023 Highlights

1 | Hounds and hunting

1 | Hounds went out an average of 153 times each season.


2 |   The litters whose names begin with E, F, G, H, I and J whelped. The two E puppies and one G were adopted out. To date, the rest are entered and hunting well.


3 |   In 2022, Finnegan won a 15" bench show, in 2023  he was second. In 2023, Viscount won the Champion Beagle division at the Maryland Foxhound Show. Voodoo won the 13" Sire and won the Sire with Get at Bryn Mawr National Hound Show.


4 |   NTB won 12 ribbons in the pack trials. Additionally, NTB won the 50-50 Challenge in Fall 2021, returning the NTB name on the 100 year old trophy for the first time in 40 years.


5 |   The annual fundraisers held at the Millwood Club continue to be popular evening and help secure funds to cover the season.

6 |  In 2020, we began offering hound sponsorships for fundraising with a contest and prizes to go with it. This method covers annual expense per hound, and engages members and acquaints them with hounds. 


7 |   A Huntsman’s Diary was published each year as a gift to subscribers and supporters. Artists include Linda Volrath, Raymond Utz, and Gillian Russell Cook. 

8 |   N-T B supported the Berryville Main Street holiday campaign by exhibiting a parking meter decorations.

9 |   Each year the beagles "parade" at the Blue Ridge Hunt point to point races.

10 |   The weekly summer walk-outs continue to make hounds biddable and keep members in touch with one another and the pack.

11 |   NTB's Adopt a Highway program was renewed, and litter pick up is on-going....

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