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Tally ho!


Welcome to the Nantucket-Treweryn Beagles' website.


Founded and Recognized 1924, the NTB is a subscription pack with much history and presence in the beagling world.

Celebrate our 100th season with us!

Masters of Beagles (MBs)


Mr. Peter J. Cook (1988)

Mr. Frederic B. Underwood (1993)

Miss Marianne Casey (2013)

Mr. Russell Wagner (2013)


Honorary Whippers-in


Mr. William Getchell

Mr. Don Richards

Mr. Andrew Koenig

Hunt Committee


Mrs. Lucia B. Henderson

Mrs. Victoria Hughes

 Miss Zelicia Read

Mr. Peter J. Cook (Ex Officio)
Miss Marianne Casey (Ex Officio), Hunt Secretary

Mr. Russell Wagner (Ex Officio)



Approximately sixteen and half couple 13 and 15 inch beagles



Professional Kennelman

Mr. Thomas L. Cox

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