Nantucket-Treweryn Beagles

Founded and Recognized 1924
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Odorato noscunt vestigiat prato,
Atque etiam leporum secreta cubilia monstrant.

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Joint Masters

Peter J. Cook (1988)
Frederic B. Underwood (1993)


Stephen W. Fox

Hon. Whippers-In

Babette Alliger
Candice Kobetz
Neil Manger
Russell Wagner

Field Masters

Joseph H. Blatz
Sherry W. Blatz

Kennelman (Prof.)

Thomas L. Cox


Dower House Farm
Berryville, Virginia

Hunt Committee

Wingate Mackey-Smith, Chairman
Peter J. Cook (Ex Officio)
Mrs. A. R. Dunning, Jr.
Susan Bailey
Joseph H. Blatz
Stephen W. Fox (Ex Officio)
Mary Ellen Nicholas
Lucia B. Henderson
William P. McLean
Diane Murray
Frederic B. Underwood, Hon. Secretary/Treasurer (Ex Officio)

Please address all correspondence to the Hon. Secretary: Dr. Frederic B. Underwood, POB 271, Berryville, Virginia 22611
Telephone: 540-837-2819           email:

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